stm32F103C8 arduino IDE I2C

Hi! I am trying to work with a stm32F103C8 (blue pill) in arduino IDE. I have figured out stuffs like digital/analog read/write

But I cannot find examples about I2C , I just want to know its syntax. Can you write me some simple examples ?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Looks like it should be pretty much the standard "Wire" library API?

Usually you can find examples at File > Examples > Wire. Make sure to select your STM32 board from the Tools > Board menu first to be sure that the examples for that board’s specific Wire library are loaded.

It’s difficult to provide specific information without knowing which hardware package you’re using to add support for your blue pill (there are at least two different ones if I remember correctly and I’m not going hunting for them). Please post a link to the one you’re using.

It’s the same as you would use with an Arduino board.

Thank you guys! I have got it.