STM32F103CBT6 Sketch crashs always over 64K

I am using an STM32F103CBT6 generic board, with 128K Flash and 20K RAM. My sketchs are being compiled with the Arduino IDE 1.8.13, using the Roger Clark's core. The compiller recognoize 131072 bytes as the maximum memory for programm but if the programm size go over 64k it crashs... It seams that the compiller is not managing address over 0x0800FFFF since the sketch crashs as soon as it sizes cross over that border. Bellow is a output issued at end of compillation (less than 64k). Any advise will be appreciated. Tks, Antonio


Using Parser : Raw BINARY
Interface serial_w32: 115200 8E1
Version : 0x22
Option 1 : 0x00
Option 2 : 0x00
Device ID : 0x0410 (Medium-density)

  • RAM : 20KiB (512b reserved by bootloader)
  • Flash : 128KiB (sector size: 4x1024)
  • Option RAM : 16b
  • System RAM : 2KiB
    Write to memory
    Erasing memory
    Wrote address 0x0800fb38 (100.00%) Done.

Starting execution at address 0x08000000... done.

Without seeing your sketch, we would be guessing.
If you post your code as described in the Read this before posting a programming question, more people will read it.

My GUESS is that your program is allocating more RAM than available. But without seeing the code, I would just be guessing.

What board library are you using in the IDE? Are you using SPIFFS?