STM32F407ZE like board error messages

Hello sir

I need your help.

I'm using STM32F407ZE like board and I'm having same error messages. Please Can you help me ?

M'y TFT LCD is 3.2" ssd1289.

@nzoko, Hi, welcome to the forum!

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I don't think I can help you, as I don't have a display with ssd1289. Therefore GxTFT doesn't support it.

In any case you would need to provide information about your selection, the constructors used.
And of course the error messages you got. In a code window (</> command symbol), please.

Please also provide links to your display and your processor board.


Please do not hijack other topics with your own questions. Please read the forum guidelines @ZinggJM linked to.

Thank you.

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