STM32F411 Black Pill support (newbie)

The last time I tried programming a Black Pill board with the Arduino IDE, it didn't work. The thinking was that the clock speed was off. Long story short, I never did anything with it because I was unable to find instructions clear about how to find and change the clock speed setting, and I had other boards to evaluate.

I would like to try again to get my black pill board working via the Arduino IDE. Is there a good page out there that I can follow to get it up and running?

I'd suggest starting here. It is actually for the blue pill, but is similar:

You'll also see there a bit about the history of Arduino / STM32.
There is also a dedicated web site:

For blue pills, I use the new "official" STM32 Arduino core and ST-Link clone programming device and the Cube programing utility.

Having said all that, I have only one current STM32 project.

Thanks! Hopefully, I'll be able to get it working this time :slight_smile:

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