STM32F4x dual SPI for SD card and display

I'm hoping to use two SPI channels so that I can load images from SD card and push bits to the display concurrently. This seems a good approach to me as little time will be wasted.

I also considered using jpg compression but I suspect the time taken to decode will be longer than time saved.

Does this seem like a good scheme or are the time savings not worthwhile?

Most examples I can find are for ESP32 but I think alterations for STM32 should be do able - not sure about spiffs.

Any advice most welcome.

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The most basic STM32F4 can certainly support two SPI buses, and there's a good chance it has native SDIO peripheral for your SD card.

Which STM32F4 dev board do you have? Nucleo? Discovery kits? Black pill?

Black Pill. Hoping to use TFT_eSPI library for display and SDFat32 for sdcard if I can persuade it to work with SPI2.

Using STM32F401 atm, so no sdio, also spi card interface on rear of display which makes it convenient :slight_smile:.

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Only if your libraries allow for buffered I/O that transfers the buffers while your code is doing other things.

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