STMicroelectronics LPY4150AL problems


I ordered an evaluation board for the LPY4150AL gyroscope from STMicroelectronics and am having problems (and everyone in STMicro's technical help seems to be on holiday/sacked/partying!).

I wish to use this analog gyroscope (which outputs a voltage for each axis) to measure angle from the vertical. If I move the device quickly it changes it output voltage with respect to size of input. However, if I move the device slowly (eg10 deg/sec) the device does not recognise the movement. STMicro boast about its sensitivity, but I don't see it.

This is being fed into an Arduino Uno and then into a PC to a basic GUI. Anyone got any experience with this or anything similar???

Cheers for any guidnace


Which output are you using? Where is your code?

According to the datasheet, the analog output is only 0.67mV per degree per second. So if you rotate it at 10 degrees per second, it will only produce 6.7mV. Using the default 5V analog reference, this corresponds to a change of only 1 in the analog reading. If you want greater sensitivity, you will need to amplify the output before feeding it to the Arduino.