Stocks sold short are up in AMD

The site 24/7 wall st says Most tech company stocks had drops in shares sold short. The major exceptions were shares short in AMD (AMD) rose 14% to 69.4 million. The short interest in Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) increased 21% to 40.5 million. Does some know why shares in AMD sold short?

Does some know why shares in AMD sold short?

Does any care?

Does some know why shares in AMD sold short?

Probably because people don’t think the recent good news (lawsuit findings, general semiconductor improvement, etc) justify the recent runup in AMD price?
(I’m long and 8+% ahead on AMD at the moment. But I don’t believe in selling short.)

For anyone interested,

article dated 26th April 2009.

Finger on the pulse there, “april”. :smiley:

I’m long and 8+% ahead

Not anymore. Another 7+% today and I got out.

westfw - you are unlucky I think but maybe a smart move
ggccgjra - silly fool-new poster too?
PaulS-Yes I care ,this is general talk area no ? i have shares here
AWOL -no very current-here today

NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (NYSE: AMD) surging this morning after Intel Corp. (NASDAQ: INTC) has canceled the launch of its own graphics chipset based on its own Larrabee design. The reason cited was because the silicon and software development were said to be behind where Intel was hoping they would be at this point. At 8:39 AM EST we have AMD up 3.5% at $8.14 on 335,000 shares and NVDA is up 11% at $15.85 on 360,000 shares. Intel conversely is down, but less than 1%? shares are down 0.8% at $20.30 and only on 75,000 shares.


I’ve owned the AMD since May of 2008, so I’ve seen some downs and ups (mostly downs :-()
I ended up making reasonable money (17% over two years isn’t so bad, especially these days), and I won’t be complaining…

  1. Intel canceling a graphics chip is not a good reason for a competitor’s stock to go up 7%!
  2. I believe there’s room in the marketplace for at least two vendors of desktop CPUs. So long-term I still have hopes for AMD. I just have trepidations about the next couple of weeks.
  3. don’t listen to me when it comes to stocks. I’m still down 25% or so since “before the recession”, and 70+ percent since “peak net worth” back during the bubble. (CSCO at $80. Sigh.) AMD was one of the “happy stocks”, having at least recovered to “profitable” territory.