Stop a while loop with ir remote

So I’m working on an RGB led driver. and I’m currently stuck on trying to stop the while loop with an IR remote. I want the RGB led to chose a random RGB number when the specific remote button is pressed. but when it starts flashing and randomizing the colors I can’t stop it cause of delay I think. and I can’t figure out how to do it.

case 0xFFE817: //Quick
if (results.value == 0xFFE817){
lastCode = results.value;

while (0xFFE817){
randRed = random(0, 255);
randGreen = random(0, 255);
randBlue = random(0, 255);
setColor(randRed, randGreen, randBlue);
if (results.value == 0xFF22DD){

patrik_laminar.ino (8.22 KB)

 while (0xFFE817){

How will that even be false?

My suggestion, don't use a while loop and don't use delay. Instead, let loop() do the looping (and use state change detection probably) and use millis() for all timing.

I know that cant is false but iwe been trying everything. but if I put it in the loop will that go all the time?

Yes, so only do it when you want it :slight_smile:

aight im gonna work on it and see what i can do

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@pert alright i posted on this, cause i felt that it didnt fit in the other forum. @septillion but btw got it working now

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the delay function is only for beginners doing very simple things. to do anything more with these boards you should NEVER use delay. these boards are single thread so using delay stops your board completely and you cant do any type of multitasking. my advice to anyone wanting to code anything serious is to forget the delay function exists.

instead get into the habit of setting up timers using millis() and it is amazing what you can eventually do with these little boards.

google "arduino blink without delay" for a very basic example of setting up a timer. you should adjust your coding approach to use timers for timeing instead of delay