Stop Automatic Saves

I am using IDE 1.6.5 r2

I find that the IDE often saves changes automatically.

Because I use versioning, this messes up my versions.
I know where the preferences file is, but does anyone know the setting to only save when I explicitly tell it to save?

Is it this setting : editor.save_on_verify=true


You can stop the Arduino IDE from doing that by unchecking File > Preferences > Save when verifying or uploading. I also find it extremely annoying and unexpected behavior. It's nice to have the option but this should not be the default setting. I've been meaning to post an issue requesting that the default setting of this feature be changed to off.

Thanks pert. I must have been blind not to spot that setting :slight_smile:

Yeah - this was very alarming when I first discovered it (though I do leave it on). I was not expecting it, and I was quite surprised when changes I knew I hadn't saved (because I didn't want them, I forget whether I was debugging, or had caught myself coding down a rathole) were in the file. Luckily it was on github, so I could revert the changes easily, but it could have been significantly worse

I turn it off but sometimes I end up doing a clean install of the IDE to eliminate my modifications as the potential cause of an issue and then it gets me again. Thank goodness for version control!