Stop servos from drawing power on power on

Is there a way to stop a servo from moving when powered? I have 2 servos and if they are both connected on power on they draw too much. In other words my battery doesn't like it and system shuts off. If one servo is connected and power on then I am fine. At which point I can plug in the other one. They are connected to a 5v rail that has its own regulator separate from the Arduino. I also have a Xbee and some IR(2)/Ultrasonic sensor and Sparkfun Voice shield.

This is all on a Arduino Mega powered with a 3.7 6000mAh lithium battery with a step-up to 7.5v.

I will post some schematics soon. I just wanted to get his posted now and see if anyone had some ideas.

I think you can use servo1.detach() (if the servo is named servo1), and attach it again when you want to use it again.

Or if you want to cut the power line to it you can use an NPN transistor like a lightswitch.

I think you'd have to switch them with "high-side" switches like FETs. So they'd be off until you set a pin or pins as outputs and then turn the servo power on..

If the servo is drawing any amount of power at a particular position, then it is working against some force trying to hold the position. If power is removed, expect the servo to be moved by whatever force that is acting on it. If you stop the PPM position signal to the servo, it will in effect be off as there is nothing going on internally in the servo to fire the h-bridge controlling the servo motor.