Stop stepper when limit switch hit

I have "Arduino Duemilanove" and "Sparkfun Monster Motor Shield" and they are wired to two limit switches and to a stepper motor. I am trying to get a code to make the stepper motor reverse when it hits the switch and then reverses again when it hits the other switch.

I am trying to get a code

Fire up the IDE and start typing. Step. Check the first limit switch. If not pressed, repeat. If pressed, change direction, step, and test the other limit switch.

What you want to do is not even remotely challenging.

Well, I have no idea how to code using Arduino, and I need some help with coding.

If you are just starting with the Arduino and C++, start at the beginning not half ways along the process.

Master all the examples in the IDE before jumping into making a transporter ;)


Does sparkfun have any example code or tutorial on using their shield?
Did you try that?
Did it work?
Can you find any examples for reading switches?
Did you try them?
Did it work?
After that, try to combine them.
Let us know how it turns out.

We are much more likely to help people how try to help themselves.