Stop the Presses! Big News!

Announcing the official launch of our Funding Site!

We’re really excited about this new direction. It’s a portal into the next chapter of our progress in creating a highly configurable module based system.

We want to provide the technology that fuels innovation, creativity, and supplements curiosity. With the funding necessary to develop trendsetting products, we can help the industrial markets implement designs in a more cost effective manner.

Our product line is the ultimate concept prototyping vehicle. The module concept also allows the creative youngster, the hobbyist, and the inspired maker to build just about anything that can be thought of. So I invite you to participate in this adventure.

Please visit our funding site and help us to generate the interest and momentum to achieve or goal!

Our Funding Site

What to expect from
Star Gazer Data Systems LLC

My anticipation or expectation of things to emanate from our diverse technology sectors whether it be from industrial giants or from the makers and small shops during this new year is virtually beyond my ability to express, much less describe. I forecast a lot of movers and shakers, changing the world we know and hopefully for the betterment of mankind. I only hope that we can be a part, no matter of the amount of significance but only that we can help to inspire, educate and guide those that can help make a difference.

Our Base-Master Project brings together a system of plug in modules that can expand from simple one-on-one projects to complex projects. A host of options involving controlling, monitoring, logging, and the transfer of commands, results, and data just by adding the desired modules and applying some programming. We can provide that programming.

The Base-Master system could be easily used as an educational tool to teach the fundamentals of microprocessors, programming, robotics, instrumentation and communication.

With twelve slots for modules, and the ability of scaling up by adding additional Base-Masters, you are almost unlimited to what you may want to construct.

Base Master Compatible Modules

0 to 25 mA Input SGDS-MAI
4 Channel current loop input module. Module can be used to read pressure, weight, strain gauges or instrumentation like density, pH or other devices that send a current loop for readings.

4 to 20 mA Output SGDS-MAO
4 channel current loop output module. This module can be used to control valve positioning, dampeners, air actuators, pneumatic and hydraulic controllers or anything else that needs a 4 to 20 mA current loop for control.

16 Channel Digital I/O SGDS-DIO
16 channel digital input output module. Need some additional inputs or outputs for the project? Here’s your answer. Uses are quite varied. Could be used for alarms, limit switches, annunciators, or read some parallel data. Use most anywhere you need more on and off outputs, or read on and off input states.

**16 Channel PWM SGDS-PWM **
16 channel pulse width modulated module. Use this module to run servos or control LED lighting. 0 to 100 % pulse width modulation at 5 VDC.

**16 Channel Relay Driver SGDS-RDB **
16 channel relay driver module. Works in conjunction to the SGDS-DIO and gives you the option of using power supplied by the Base-Master (5VDC), or as an open collector where you supply the voltage to drive the relays.

The All Axis +2 SGDS-GMBIT
3 axis of Magnetometer, Compass, 3 Axis of Inertia, 3 Axis of Gyroscope, a Barometer / Altitude and Temperature. Linear acceleration full scales of ±2g / ±4g / ±8g / ±16g, and a magnetic field full scale of ±1.3 / ±1.9 / ±2.5 / ±4.0 / ±4.7 / ±5.6 / ±8.1 gauss. The Gyroscope has three selectable full scale ranges of 250, 500 or 2000 degrees per second. The Barometer pressure ranges is 300 to 1100 hPa. Relative accuracy on pressure is 950 to 1050 hPa/ ±0.12 hPa @ 25 °C/ ±1.0 m, 700 to 900 hPa/ ±0.12 hPa 25 to 40 °C/ ±1.0 m. Absolute accuracy on temperature from 0 to 65C is typically +/- 1% and .5% at 25 °C.

**4 Channel Analog Input SGDS-ASI **
4 channel analog input module with zener diode protection against over voltages. Use these modules to format the input signals to the 16-bit ADC.

Voltage Input SGDS-SVI
Single channel signal conditioner voltage.

Frequency Input SGDS-SFI
Single channel frequency to voltage converter, 0 to 10KHz converted to 0 to 5 volts.

**Current Input SGDS-SCI **
Single channel 0 to 25 mA input module.

4 Channel Analog Output SGDS-ASO
4 channel analog output module coupled with the following Sub Modules to provide formatted signals sourced by a 16-bit DAC. Each Sub Module can be used separately, and requires an external +15 VDC power supply.

Voltage Output SGDS-SVO
Single channel signal conditioner for voltage

Frequency Output SGDS-SFO
Single channel, 0 to 10 KHz, 5 or 10-volt output.

Current Output SGDS-SCO
Single channel 0 to 20 ma output.
Single channel 0 to 100% PWM output of 5VDC @ 10 KHz.

Each Module and Sub Module can be used with the ever popular Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, or other 5-volt or 3.3-volt logic systems. The Modules and Sub Modules work best using the Base-Master for addressing, power distribution and expandability. The Modules communicate with the microprocessor via I2C. Addressing is set by which slot the Module is plugged into.

The standard Base-Master comes with an Arduino Nano 3 but with the SGDS Connect, you can use other processors to add a great number of other possibilities.

SGDS-CA0 Connects the Base-Master to the Arduino MEGA or Due processors.

SGDS-CA1 Connects the Base-Master to the Arduino type 1 processors as well as the Intel Edison and Galileo boards.

SGDS-CRP Connects the Base-Master to Raspberry PI A+ B, B+ and Zero boards.

SGDS-CBB Connects the Base-Master to the BeagleBone Black.

User Software

Data Logger is a program that can be used to monitor, plot, and create a data file that can be used for further processing.

We are in the process of starting a funding project with hopes of producing a quality product that will be inexpensive, and help bring dreams into reality.

Many other designs are underway. Whether your needs are a full blown SCADA system, kids wanting to build their first robot, or a Mom and Pop Shop that wants an easier way to control and monitor their favorite gizmo, we plan to be there! We can provide the building blocks, and support completed projects with IOT, firmware, hardware, software, and service.

Without a doubt, this year will be an interesting one for us at Star Gazer Data Systems as we grab our behinds, hold on to our hats, and take the reins with a firm grip. We are off for a wild ride. Hope we see you there!