Storage advice required

Hello Friends,

I would like to ask for your Help / Advice on the best solution for a problem I have with my little project.

My project consists in a small device to warn you about speed cameras, if you are running above the speed limit.

Some guys here in the forum already gave me some advices on how to work with the way points.

But now, I have a doubt about how to store the waypoints .

My project is like this

  1. GPS connected via serial
  2. 128x64 IIC Oled display using the UcgLib
  3. SPI eeprom to strage the data.

My data has 15000 lines and the follwing structure :

typedef struct
float Lat;
float Lon;
int Speed;
int Direction;
int Way;
} Radar_type;

Right now, I'm facing some problems to save/read the data to/from the SPI memory with this structure using the SPIEEP lib. Furthermore, the amount of data concerns me also.

My Options are :

  1. Change the SPI EEprom to a Micro SD Card in order to enhance the capacity and make the read/write easier
  2. Try to change the display to a SPI version an move the memory to a IIC one
  3. Try to make the IIC display works with another IIC device

I really think that moving to a Micro SD Card would be the best solution.

What would you do ?

Thak you very much !

My best regards,

Sérgio Pinheiro

You have 210,000 bytes of data. You can store that in EEPROM, FLASH, FRAM, etc.

A quick search of DigiKey shows this possibility:

That is a 256Kx8 (4Mb) SPI FLASH in an 8-pin DIP.

Thank you John !

The MX25L4006EPI-12G is really impressive.

I can not buy it on digikey from Brazil, but it is US$2,20 on AliExpress.

I think I´ll give it a try.

Is there a lib you could recomend to work with the SPI EEPROMS ?

My best regards.