Storage Alternatives

I'm moving from a prototype where I've used an SDcard for storage and would like a more permeant solution for a PCB. What are the options out there other then adding EEPROMs? I apologize if this is a silly question, or if it's been asked before, but my minimal vocabulary in the electronics world is making it difficult to search.

How much are you storing? There is also FRAM, read/write it via SPI, or I2C, at SRAM speeds, yet it's nonvolatile like EEPROM.
Or an SD card as you mention, I have one on this '1284P card I offer, along with battery-backed RTC, RS232 buffer for the 2nd serial port if needed, and offboard or onboard USB interface. Screw terminals as an option, and some prototype area for adding a chip or two or an RF module. Shown here onboard USB and screw terminals.

Yes FRAM has no problem and it has many writes and it is cheap.

I've used an SDcard for storage and would like a more permeant solution for a PCB. ...........I apologize if this is a silly question

It's not a silly question but why would you want to change?

Flash memory ICs are cheaper than EEPROM with much larger capacity but strict voltage requirements and supporting only page writes - very similar to SD card. On the other side FRAM is the best you can get with highest cost. It mostly depends on your needs: how much data to storage, how often you change them, how quickly you need to write them...

I've come across a few devices with an SD card buried inside, which was not removable without unscrewing the case. For storage size and ease of use, it's impossible to beat.

The only reason I can think of for not using an SD card is if your project is exposed to high vibration that might wear out the contacts or dislodge the card from the socket. Like a model rocket crash.

Like a model rocket crash.

I imagine the guys who crash rockets might use some sort of retaining screw, or even solder the SD card to the PCB..........