Storage of array data

Hello people! I'm an arduino beginner user, so I have problems dealing with array concept...well: i have two analogue sensors (two potentiometers) linked on two different analogues pins; I want to make arduino reads, for a certain time interval, i.e. 10 seconds, the number of voltage values that the two potentiometer are measuring (from the movement of my fingers); than i want them to be printed out on serial. I was doing that using the array variables but, all that i have got till now, is just a print of the instantaneous values of the two potentiometers voltage. Thanks for what you certain will do!

It’s not quite clear what you are counting. There are 1024 positions from end to end on the potentiometers. That gives you over a million unique positions with the two knobs combined. When you move from position to position do you want to count all intermediate positions or do you only want to count the positions held for more than a small fraction of a second? There may be some random noise in the readings so you might need to ignore some small changes to find stopping points.

How about reading and storing them every 100mS?

void loop){
if ( (millis() - previousMillis) >= 100){
previousMillis = previousMillis +100;  // declare unsigned long previousMillis at top of the program
analogArraycounter = analog Arraycounter+2;
analogArray[analogArraycounter] = analogRead (A0);
analogArray[analogArraycounter] = analogRead (A0);  // lets the input pin settle
analogArray[analogArraycounter-1] = analogRead (A1);
analogArray[analogArraycounter+1] = analogRead (A1);  // lets the input pin settle

if (analogArraycounter == 49){
for (int i = 0; i<50; i=i+1){
Serial.print (analogArraycounter, DEC);
Serial.print (analogArray[analogArraycounter]);
Serial.print (" ");
Serial.print (analogArray[analogArraycounter+1]);
} // end serial print out
analogArraycounter = 0; reset
} // end array full
} // end loop

Thank you very much! Both of you of course!