We've uploaded the code to the arduino but it doesn't work due to "storage problems". Does anyone know how to fix this?

The error is stated below.

De schets gebruikt 5.458 bytes (16%) programma-opslagruimte. Maximum is 32.256 bytes.
Globale variabelen gebruiken 309 bytes (15%) van het dynamisch geheugen. Resteren 1.739 bytes voor lokale variabelen. Maximum is 2.048 bytes.

My German's not great, but I don't see any problems.

My German's not great

Try dutch; does it make a difference :smiley:

Zoals AWOL al aangeeft (as AWOL already states), er is geen fout melding of waarschuwing in die melding.

Please post your code


And if anybody is wondering about the language used: It seems to be a misplaced DUTCH thread topic!

Text of the opening post is in English, only error message is in Dutch. So not really misplaced.

In the Netherlands the language is “Dutch”, in Germany the language is “Deutsch” (just a one letter difference).

Counting letters 1,2,3,4,5
Counting letters 1,2,3,4,5,6,7