Store coordinates to variables

Hi, Im new to this post. Let me know if i did anything wrong.

I am using a gps module and tinygpsplus library to get the coordinates and then store the coordinates to firebase. I have these following codes.

float latitude =; float longitude = gps.location.long();

firebase.setFloat("latitude", latitude); firebase.setFloat("longitude", longitude);

--- it would only store to 2 decimal (ex. 10.29), I want to store it to 6 decimals (ex. 10.298756) ?

Multiply the numbers by 1 million to send and divide by 1 million on the other end to store.

If you are printing floats the default is to print 2 decimal places. To print with more places print like this:

Serial.print(floatNumber, 6);  // will print 6 places

How do you know that

--- it would only store to 2 decimal (ex. 10.29)

The default is to print two digits after the decimal point. Is this what you are seeing? It would also help to see your entire code, properly posted.