store in Flash memory and display on LCD

How can I store a string in the flash memory (using PROGMEM) and display in on an LCD (i have a normal 16x2 lcd using the arduino lcd library )?
please help..


LiquidCrystal inherits from Print so you can say:

MyLCD.print(F("My string in FLASH"));

Thanx alot johnwasser..

Can I all the small Strings I need in an array in Flash memory and display each as i need?..

An array of string pointers is a different matter. I think this would work:

__FlashStringHelper (*MyFlashStrings)[] = { F("Sting Zero"), F("String One")};

for (int n = 1; n<2; n++)

The .print and .println functions know that a __FlashStringHelper pointer points to a string in FLASH.

thanx…Ill try this…