Store Max Value

Then provide a reset button for the test. Not the CPU reset, a switch on an I/O port.

Mmmm. Maybe you don't need it. You run test #1, the maximum is say, 10. Turn off the DUT, wait 10 seconds and you are good to go.

This assumes that you can turn off the DUT so it reads zero torque.

the transducer will be spinning at 500+ rpm and is currently not set up for 2 way wireless communication, so I think this is the path of least resistance.

Then how do you communicate with it? Never mind, I see a wireless connection...

the transducer itself sends wireless data to the receiver that then displays it. I'm using a particular protocol called espnow (like wifi but faster) that was pretty difficult for me to figure out. i set it up so data can only flow one way. its possible to make it flow both ways but it will probably be more of a headache

You don't have to. If you implement a rolling maximum, the values will always reflect only the events of the past 10 seconds. Thus previous tests can have no effect. So you don't need any reset, internal or external. You only need to wait 10 seconds between tests.

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that sounds perfectly fine for this application. i will set that up. thanks for all the help