Store servo Pwm values


I´m working in a project with a robot (freeduino board, 2 full rotation servomotors and two photoresistors). Basically is a light seeker.

But i´m wondering if it would be possible to print in the monitor the servo pwm values written while they are making the circuit guided for the light, for the purpose of store them after in an array and re-write them without the need of the light, so that the robot could represent again the circuit by itself.

Thanks guys
any suggestion or advice will be very very helpful.


You could use the EEPROM library to store the values in the EEPROM, but you only get 1024 bytes total. That would be enough for 512 readings (one from each motor) if you leave a decent amount of time between sampling the values.

If you need more space than that you would have to jump to an SD card.

Thank you very much Chagrin.

I guess you meant using the Eeprom Write function i could store the data gotten by sensors for then write them on the servos.
I thought i could store pwm´s pulses, do you think that it would be possible?

Anyway, thanks a lot. I will try it and post here the results of my tests.