Store the data from 2 different arduino to sql server

Hello everyone !

I am working on a project with arduino uno to improve my both software and hardware skills. My aim is to get the distance data with 2 distance sensors placed in different arduino unos. There is nothing difficult to design the circuit and write the code. Second part is, I want to store both data which my 2 sensors measure to the same database in order using a wifi shield or wifi module. ( no ethernet shield ) And by doing this, I want to access those data from my mobile environment using c# or java to do some work. I am asking for a guidance for storing the data to the database since I don't have much knowledge about it. What are the paths I must walk through? Because I am not native, my English can be bad, forgive me. Thanks in advance..

A common way to do this is to have a SQL database on a web server and have a page there that the arduino can send data using GET requests. MySql is often used if you don't already have a database, because of the price :wink:

PHP is a frequent choice to build the page that responds to the GET.

Your java/C# apps will be able to connect to whatever SQL db you select.

Plenty of folks have done this using a Raspberry Pi as the web and database server.

Edit: I see you're using Sql Server - ignore the mysql & Pi comments - PHP too if you're going to use C# to build your pages.

Thank you for your answer. Do you know any source for me to read and learn some things about this stuff ?

Which side are you struggling with? Microsoft stack or Arduino wifi?

I have no experience with database thing actually. Anything about this topic would be helpful. Thanks...