store to buy sensors

what is a good online store to buy sensors from? I looked at sparkfun they have a pretty good variety, but I think its kind of expensive. Is there others stores that have a good selection of sensors but not so expensive?

You can make a sensor out of two pieces of scrap wire. Perhaps you can give more info on what you are looking for. Sparkfun seems to be generally reasonable on their prices. You can also try a google search for your sensor.

Sensors range from cheap to expensive, all depending on type of sensor you're looking for. current sensor - scrap of wire. temperature sensor - less than $1.... humidity sensor = expensive!

Have you tried DigiKey? Their shipping is VERY reasonable for small items. I've had orders with $2 and change shipping costs.

Ken H.

I was looking for an ir sensor, 3 axis accelerometer, and an ultrasonic sensor. for the accelerometer I was thinking of buying a wii nunchuck of ebay, but im not sure if its 3 axis or 2 axis.

by the way what is a breakout board??

A breakout board is a printed circuit board (PCB) that has only one or two parts on it, plus easy contact points for using the parts. Lots of sensors don't easily fit into breadboards or Arduino pins, so having the sensor pre-soldered onto something that does fit nicely is a big convenience.

SparkFun is pretty reasonable about most things, but I agree, it seems expensive to pay so much extra for a tiny chunk of PCB. Most people who get the breakout boards only need them for a prototype project; once you're designing your own boards, you don't need the breakouts anymore.


You forgot- Laser rangefinder:

REALLY expensive ;D

Yea sure is - I really like their statement

Rangefinder is a small, affordable and accurate laser

Since $5585 USD is "affordable", I wonder what their idea of "expensive" would be?


Since $5585 USD is “affordable”, I wonder what their idea of “expensive” would be?

That’s pretty funny; I knew these sensors were fairly expensive, but I never realized they were multi-thousand dollar devices:

It doesn’t say whether it uses angular measurement (triangulation with 2D cmos sensor array), or 2D time-of-flight (LIDAR); with that price I would guess the latter (basically working like an ultrasonic distance sensor, just at a much higher speed, timing the flight of the laser pulse for distance measurement), but maybe not?

I’m hoping for my robot project to implement a cheap multi-point-grid webcam-based LIDAR system (using OpenCVS most likely); maybe if somehow I get funding I can afford some of these more fancy toys!


Check out the Velodyne LIDAR sensor - $75k (so the $5k is now "inexpensive")

It was used to create a Radiohead music video - pretty neat site I found recently

Make sure you check out the "Explore Data Visualization" link - you can rotate and zoom the point cloud while it is playing :)

Whoa. 75k? I think that may be a little above the Arduino's capabilities, though.

Thanks for the links and such, digitalman2112; I guess $5k is cheap when you’re looking at $75k. It also says I am in the wrong line of work.

The music video was pretty cool. Thanks again - I always like getting introduced to new music…