Stores WIth SD Card Module

I'm looking to get an SD card module like the one here. Do any stores (MicroCenter, Staples, Best Buy) carry them or do they need to be ordered online?


You will need to buy the module online. The module you show has many problems. It looks like an LCStudio module.

Here is an example of a user trying to use/fix an LCStudio module.

Search the forum for LCStudio to see more posts. The LCStudio module works with some SD cards but may also damage SD cards.

Do you have any suggestions for a particular model? This is what I am trying to build or, both of which require the SD Module.

Is there no store that carries an SD Module?

Thanks for your response!

Like these?

I got tired of the same fooling around and build one into the Bobuino2 I offer:
1284P with 128K flash & 16K (twice that of Mega2560) SRAM, SD card with buffers (for SCK/MOSI/CS, and MISO coming back) & 3.3v regulator, DS1307 RTC with battery, RS232 buffer option for 2nd hardware serial port, Onboard or offboard USB interface option, lots of power/ground/signal connection points.