storing data from barcode (usb)

im using arduino uno for a project.
i just want to store the value of the usb barcode reader ( via usb shield ) to the SD card i Ethernet shield.
how can i make it ?


If you've got the parts and theres no pin interferences ( i haent checked the shields, you should probably post which shields you have and make sure they don't interfere with their pin usages).

You'll have to look into the SD library. Basically you'll make a file on the SD card. Then you'll send the barcode reading into the SD card's file. And then you'll probably do something like comma delimited format or somethign so that the file can be opened by excel or something later. When all is said and done you close the file and move on with your day as needed.
A relatively simple project, but I still don't know if you've got pin interferences on your 2 shields. (and I have a good feeling you will on the TX and RX ports)