Storing data on eeprom

i need to store some data on eeprom of my arduino board… so could you please help me out , where to download from this library?

and why it is giving error in this line
PROGMEM prog_uint16_t charSet* =i+10;*
and the error is
: error: variable-sized object ‘charSet’ may not be initialized
thanks in advanced

The error is because you are creating the array every time through the loop. Also, you need to use special functions to read and write to the EEPROM, you cannot access them like regular data.


PROGMEM  prog_uint16_t charSet[i]  =i+10;

PROGMEM and EEPROM are unrelated. If you want to read and write to the EEPROM you need to use the appropriate API. There is a low level EEPROM library which provides functions to read and write individual bytes of EEPROM storage, but there are also helper functions in the playground which make it easier to read and write more complex data structures in a single call.