Storing Data permanently

Hi All,

i am controlling relays module with arduino, i need to store user selection/inputs permanently... i.e when i switch the power on/off the arduino
values entered by user prior to power off, are remembered by processor, until obviously over-written.....

i think i may have found solution to my problem... answer is on board EEprom... where i can read and write data with no worry of
power on/off.....

correct if i am wrong guys....

No your correct, but you have a limited amount of times you can read and write to the EEPROM before it is unusable. Your better off getting an external EEPROM chip and use that instead. Many can be found online and come with libraries for the Arduino.

The onboard EEPROM is fine to store user-selected values and so on that aren't going to change very often. Just be careful when you code it to make sure you don't accidentally end up re-writing data to the EEPROM very frequently, because you can wear it out very quickly if you do that.

thanks @
HazardsMind and @Peter, i will play with it over the weekend.