Storing Indoor Map Information into Arduino


I am working on a navigational belt project which directs visually impaired users to find their way around.
May I know if anyone has experience in storing indoor map information, maybe in terms of coordinates and also the direction in which the user is facing into the Arduino Microcontroller?
Would appreciate any help to get started in this direction!

Thank you!

I don't know much about mapping data, but I would imagine that,l given the granularity that you would need to make this useful, it's going to take massive amounts of storage for even a single city. An SD card would be required, at least. A Mega would likely be a minimum confiuration. Perhaps someone lese can shed a light on the actual data storage requirements and the processor horse power that would be needed to make the project viable.

Head over to the Robotics section, and look for some threads involving SLAM. That's the mapping algorithm you are talking about. Not a trivial task at all. Even determining which way you are facing is not something the Arduino can do, without additional hardware - typically a compass. Indoors, though, compasses are not all that useful. The bathroom's that way. Who the hell knows which way east is?

Not to put you off or anything;
There is not that much which can fit within the 1k and 2k SRAM of some arduino chips, so be rather careful about picking your hardware to suit the task. There might be a way. You probably want a look at some of the functions in the memfree() library as during development you'll need to know how much bigger you can make your mapping data.

Symptoms of going over the SRAM limit included getting my complicated program to endlessly cycle back to setup()
It is much better to have it Serial.print the number from memfree() instead.