Storing parsed data fom GPS to the Server

Intension :

I am trying to push the parsed data from the GPS into the Server database. I have given the code below :

Board and shields used :

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Arduino GSM shield
  3. Adafruit Ultimate GPS Logger Shield

Work done Bofore:

  1. As the GPS shield overlaps with GSM shield, I cut the trace and connected to Pin 7 and connectected Rx with Pin9.
  2. I removed the SoftwareSerial Library and replaced with AltSoftSerial library.

If I connect to the server, its not woking else working perectly...

This is the complete code :

The result I get is: Garbage values

My serial monitor baud rate is in 115200

ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ ) ÿ )

I have more memory

Binary sketch size: 25,342 bytes (of a 32,256 byte maximum)

Is there any problem in my server connection ? I don't think so, becouse It works for my other projects. Where is the problem ?

Thank you.

I have more memory

That tells you NOTHING about the amount of SRAM you are (over)using.

client.print(F(“GET /tracegps.php?”));
Serial.print(F(“GET /tracegps.php?”));
Keep those literals out of SRAM.