storing text in EEPROM

Hi Folks,

Since a while I try desperately to store some user data for a internet server based on an ESP266 in its EEPROM.

First of all I cannot clearly seperate the input strings (see text in below). Secondly I am not able to store the input in the chip EEPROM. :o


memoryNo: 2<
SSID: test<
SECR: test<
USER: test<
UPWD: test<
VAR1: ?<
VAR2: ?<
VAR3: €<
—End of data set—

Can somebody help me?

Pool_Server_serial-test.ino (4.94 KB)

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internet server based on an ESP266

Is the code running on a standard Arduino such as Uno that is connected to an ESP8266 or is it running on the ESP8266? and EEPROM.write() only read/write a single byte. Have a look at the EEPROM reference: Arduino - EEPROM. I think you'll find EEPROM.get() and EEPROM.put() to be useful. Remember to allocate enough EEPROM for each buffer(hint, one byte definitely won't do it).

The EEPROM of ESP8266 works a bit differently than Arduino EEPROM.