storing the values in buffer using i2c

how to store d values in buffer using i2c????????????????????
can anyone help me for this idea??????????

Values should store before the i2c communication happens ????????????

char textBuffer[20] = "hello world";

Not what you want? Explain clearly which values need to be stored in the buffer.

I wrote code for master and slave via i2c communication.
Like how i wrote d program is slave will send the data and master will receive data.
What i wanted now is before i2c communication happens, i need to store the sending data of slave in slave program in slave buffer and whatever data is receiving from slave to master it should also be saved in master buffer.
I have sent the code of slave see once the code and let me the solutions for this???

new_slave_v4_330_8_7.ino (1.55 KB)

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