STP16C596 LED driver problems

Hi all,

I’m very new to all this stuff, but am keen to learn :slight_smile:

I bought some STP16C596 (Datasheet) LED driver chips, but am having problems working out how to use it.

I’ve prototyped them like in this tutorial but can’t get any LEDs to light up :frowning: :frowning: I see that the tutorial is for the 595 series IC which only supports 8 outputs, whereas this 596 chip supports 16 - could this be the problem with running the example code?

Am I missing something fundamental?

Thanks in advance!

Am I missing something fundamental?

Maybe they are different chips? :wink:

You’ll need to go through the datasheet to find out how to interface with them.
Or pray that someone else has already done it for you.

Hi - I had the same question and found this:

Haven't try it myself (yet), but hope it helps if you're still interested.

Cheers, Dave

They should work with the code for the dual chips. I just wired up two 595's got them working. Check your wiring.

You should not need all the resistors as in the tutorial, just one resistor. Connect pin 23 to the resistor and the resistor to ground. Use a 1K resistor to get 20ma. Connect smaller resistors to get 1k or more.

I realize this is an old post..... :P

I’ve now got Peter Anderson’s STP16C596 tutorial working.

The only think I had to think about was which way the LEDs were attached. The anodes go to +v and the cathodes to the output pins on the chip. The single current limiting resistor goes to ground. Code worked straightaway.