I am a beginner.
I have a stp16cp05 and I need a simple sketch to run it. (easy program, code wiring etc.)
I use Arduino mega.

Hi, and welcome. Make sure you read the first two posts on this Forum written by Nick Gammon. It will give you a good idea of how to use this Forum effectively.

Second, your topic’s tag line should be as descriptive as possible, so we can see what your problem is just by reading that. Your tag line for this post was not descriptive enough to draw peoples’ attention to it.

Third, you’re not going to get too much response if it is obvious that you haven’t tried to solve the problem yourself. For example, it took me about a minute to find this resource:

which may be helpful. Always at least do a Google search before you post a question here. There are a lot of very talented people who read this Forum on a regular basis and they will bend over backwards to help someone who at least has demonstrated they have tried to find the answer themselves. On the other hand, if they feel that you haven’t tried to answer the question yourself, your request may well go unanswered.

at first i am sorry that i bothered you. I mean, do you really think i didnt try to find something on google?
Most these things are in english and my english isnt that good. So i thougt that maybe someone will help me here. I said that i am a begginer-i am sorry that i am not good enough to take some nice advices from your "talented people"
Forums should be here for us-to help people...

Anyway: vhat i need is- basic code for driving(controling) Io stp16cp05