Strain Gage Amplifier for Arduino Uno

I am trying to input force transducer data into an Arduino Uno that is connected to a Laptop via USB and have followed the example posted by.

It is an INA125P and when I measure the its output, which is Analog 0, with a mulitmeter, I see a response to applied loads on the load cell. I am using a sketch that was previously written for this Arduino and a different amplifier and it works, but is non-linear (hence my desire to try a new Amp circuit). When I run the sketch, I do not see any change in the Bits with applied load only 1028bits.

The cerulean post images do not show any connection to the Aref pin on the arduino, but the author mentions "playing with it".

Please see his first drawing to see how we are wired.

Here is out sketch.

int currentSensor = 0;

void setup() { analogReference(EXTERNAL); Serial.begin(9600); }

void loop() {

Serial.print('@'); Serial.print(analogRead(0)); Serial.print(','); Serial.print(analogRead(1)); Serial.println('@');

delay(100); } Thanks!

Max output from Arduino ADC is 1023.

What voltage are you giving to the reference input (pin 5) ?

You told us you measured the voltage on pin A0 but not what the values were.

I have experimented with INA125, I found it more than I needed for this and changed to INA126. Can you post a schematic of your current setup?