Strain gauge data aquisition box


I'm building a strain gauge data acquisition system that consists of the following:

3 slave units that measure strain "10 strain gauges total," which send that data through serial communication to a max232 (the signals has to travel nearly 50')

The data from the 3 slave units needs to be collected by the master unit which will also have its own max232, it will organize the data from the 10 total strain gauges and then send that data out to a computer through the max232

Here's the issue: each strain gauge needs to be sampled at 64 samples per second, and I'm not sure how to write the code to collect the data from all three slave units seamlessly at that fast of a rate.

Any examples or ideas for the most efficient way to go about this would be very appreciated!

64 samples per second for a strain gauge is pretty demanding when you need precision. But where you want to start is by googling "HX711" where you can find inexpensive modules (and the Arduino libraries for them) designed for this type of task and see if they meet your needs. If they don't meet your needs then you will need to work with an appropriate, professional vendor of such devices ($$$); for the most part we're only hobby-level stuff around here.