Strange behaviour Duemilanove


my until now perfectly working (1 week old) Duemilanove started to not work properly out of nowhere. When I power it on, it works for some minutes and then shuts down. I can't upload anything or get any response, until unpower it for some hours(!) and then it works again for some minutes.

Power supply and Serial-USB Chip work all the time. Tested only wih Pin13 onbaord LED, nothing else connected.

Any ideas?

No idea, really. Could it be a faulty usb cable ? First two things I'd try are another usb cable and a different usb port on the PC.


Well first check is to plug it in and wait for it to fail, then take a meter and measure between the +5vdc pin and a ground pin to see if you are losing the board's power.

PS: 10,000th post, boy do I need to find a life or what?

Yeah, offhand sounds like a power problem. Maybe something loose.

PS: 10,000th post, boy do I need to find a life or what?

Hmmm, seems like getting to be a God with 557 posts, like nromani, would be preferable to getting to be a Shannon with 10001 posts (whatever those ratings even mean, LOL).

The power is stable all the time.

I also need to wait some time until it works again. Is this an issue, that could be caused by a too high current on an output pin? Althoug I wouldn't know when that could have happened. All pins are working by the way, when the board works...

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