Strange behaviour for serial communication with latest Arduino version

Hello All,

We were earlier using Arduino version 1.5.7 for development. In this project we are communicating with a controller over serial. With 1.5.7 we are able to send command to controller and receive response as expected. However, if we switch to latest version of Arduino(1.6.5), we are facing issues in communication. Either complete command not received by controller or complete response not received by Arduino. By putting some additional delay, I am able to resolve the issue. However, not sure about exact cause of issue. Can you please help with this issue?

Thanks and Regards,

Hello abhijitst, In order to try to help you, u need to provide more information like what type of serial comm are you referring to? (UART, SPI, I2C)? It'd help also if you post your code (or snippet). Finally, I always recommend to backup (save) and delete your prior Arduino libraries located in MyDocuments to avoid conflicts with the new IDE update. Regards,