Strange behaviour in Windows 10

Hi, I have installed and been using the Beta IDe for a while, and it is brilliant, not a perfect IDE, but streets ahead of the old one.

A few things were niggling me, click on a file in windows explorer, does'nt open the target file, opens the last one used... some issues around save as.

The big issue I have when in full screen, click on the file menu, and it extends outside of the screen... if you make the window smaller, the file menu is fully visible, but extends outside the IDE window. very strange and annoying.

I have installed Beta2. 11 today, the screen behaviour is the same, not tested the other things

Any ideas?

It's still in beta. There will be bugs.

Yes, but how do you report them?

I'm not sure. Maybe there is a help page you can look at in the IDE? I'm still using 1.8 on my Linux PC so I don't really know much about what the 2.0 IDE looks like on Windows.

No worries, I will keep looking!