Strange behaviour of samd21, maybe RAM?


I’m in trouble with RAM usage maybe as one of my used libs LCDMenu is using a lot of RAM and when adding another new menu entry I got strange characters on the screen (see attachment)
In my sketch there is also array for a logo. When removing that array (or the new menu entry) my menu is working probably. So obviously there’s somethin with RAM.
Can I store that array somehow in the flash directly. I tried with “PROGMEM” but there is no difference

const unsigned char irtrap128x64_bits PROGMEM = {


Hi timtailors,

On the ARM microcontrollers it isn't necessary to use PROGMEM, just using the "const" declaration will ensure that the array is stored in flash memory.

on ARM, PROGMEM is defined as null, so that “const … PROGMEM = {…};” should work correctly (put the data in FLASH only) on both AVR and ARM chips.