Strange Bluetooth Pro mini 3v3 Behavior, Insight needed

Hello All.
I am having some issues with my Pro Mini 328 3v3 and a BTM-182 blue tooth module.
The main issue i am having is that i cant connect to the BT adapter with my computer when its powered by batteries.
I have 3, 3v CR2032 button style batteries connected to the raw input on the arduino.
When i try to connect powered by batteries, i cant.
however when i plug the 3v3 FTDI break out board, i can connect effortlessly. If i switch over to batteries and disconnect the FTDI,
I am able to get an output for about a minute and then things go haywire.
It drops the connection and i cant reconnect unless i plug in the FTDI.
I was looking at the VCC and ground connections with an OSCOPE and found that just before it breaks connection, there is significant noise on the Oscope.
I have a good feeling that is why i am loosing the connection but i dont know how to go about correcting it.

A brief overview of the project.
I am sending accelerometer values over BT and viewing on hyperterminal.
The BTM is still set to factory specs, 19200 baud, 8n1.
I also cant seem to make any changes to the BT module.
I am unsure how to do it.
Do i write a program to send the AT commands over, or should i use Hyperterm?

Thanks all.