strange Breadboard test working main project not

i have spent a while trying to get a RF socket control working on an arduino Uno then it can be passed to my main project on a mega

i tested the code using an uno and wiring using a breadboard and a Raspberry Pi GPIO extension board and eventually got it working 100%

// VARIABLES ------------------------------
// Power Remote Control
// L1=3V,(Yellow) R1=5V,(red) L5 Ground(first purple)
int gpio17 = 2; // L6 Grey Encoded Signal D0
int gpio22 = 3; // L8 Black Encoder Signal D1
int gpio23 = 4; // R8 Purple Encoder Signal D2
int gpio27 = 5; // L7 Orange Encoder Signal D3

int gpio24 = 6; // R9 Brown MODSEL mode select signal (OOK/FSK)
int gpio25 = 7; // R11 Yellow CE modular enable (Output ON/OFF)

// Socket     all      1       2      3       4
char* on[] ={"1011", "1111", "1110","1101", "1100"};
char* off[]={"0011", "0111", "0110","0101", "0100"};

void setupPimotePins()
  // Select the pins used for the encoder K0-K3 data inputs
  pinMode(gpio17, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(gpio22, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(gpio23, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(gpio27, OUTPUT);
  // Select the signal used to select ASK/FSK
  pinMode(gpio24, OUTPUT);
  // Select the signal used to enable/disable the modulator
  pinMode(gpio25, OUTPUT);
  // Disable the modulator by setting CE pin lo
  digitalWrite(gpio25, LOW);
  // Set the modulator to ASK for On Off Keying
  // by setting MODSEL pin lo
  digitalWrite(gpio24, LOW);
  // Initialise K0-K3 inputs of the encoder to 0000
  digitalWrite(gpio17, LOW);
  digitalWrite(gpio22, LOW);
  digitalWrite(gpio23, LOW);
  digitalWrite(gpio27, LOW);
  // Give a short delay after setup

void state(int state, char* on_or_off[])
    digitalWrite(gpio27, LOW);
    digitalWrite(gpio23, LOW);
    digitalWrite(gpio22, LOW);
    digitalWrite(gpio17, LOW);
    if(on_or_off[state][0] - '0' == 1 )
      digitalWrite(gpio27, HIGH);
    if(on_or_off[state][1] - '0' == 1 )
      digitalWrite(gpio23, HIGH);
    if(on_or_off[state][2] - '0' == 1 )
      digitalWrite(gpio22, HIGH);

    if(on_or_off[state][3] - '0' == 1 )
      digitalWrite(gpio17, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(gpio25, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(gpio25, LOW);

void switch_on(int socket)
  state(socket, on);

void switch_off(int socket)
  state(socket, off);

// BEGIN +++++++++++

void setup(){

void loop(){


now using a beadboard and the Raspberry Pi GPIO extension board wired up it is working fine.. so i transferred it minus the breadboard and Raspberry Pi GPIO extension board . and now it wont work

so i transferred it back to the breadboard and it worked

so i removed the breadboard and wired it into the uno double a treble checking the wires also checking connections with multimeter. and nothing it wont work

so it looks like if i use the Board plugged into the Raspberry Pi GPIO extension board connected to the breadboard it works.
without them it wont. what could be causing this??

Without the schematic or diagram of connections, I don't see how we could help you?

You're post is a bit unclear, but it sounds like you've had it working with uno, but are having unexpected behavior with some hardware. So that's what you need to post info on.

RF socket control

Are we supposed to know what an RF socket is ? (is this a wireless AC outlet ? (not socket) )