Strange GPS data 0o

Hi, After spending some time with my GPS i have finally made it simply output its data, as no other library worked and i got more and more frustrated. Unfortunately the problem itself seems not to lie directly in my programming skills i think but more in the receiver.. What would you do with following output?




That sure looks quite strange, also i get no serial.available() on that thing, although i can read() data... Its the first time i have this problem with that module - and i have already replaced the cables a few times..

Any ideas? ÿ

ÿ is the extended ascii for 255, I wonder if its what you are getting when reading serial data with no characters available. Perhaps if you post the code that is doing the check for serial available someone can help

#include <AFSoftSerial.h>

AFSoftSerial cSerGPS =  AFSoftSerial(6, 4);


void setup()
if(cSerGPS.available()) {
   clcd.printIn(2,"GPS READY");  
   clcd.printIn(2,"GPS _NOT_ READY");  

void loop()

try this:

void loop() { if(cSerGPS.available()) Serial.print((char); }

i did - then nothing happens anymore... that is very very strange (for me)