Strange JAVA errors when uploading code

I'm working on an Arduino Serial Slave sketch that allows it to be a command driven slave to another micro as well as allow for adding autonomous code for controlling a robot. However, I am getting some weird JAVA related errors when I try to upload my code, which looks fine as far as I can tell. Unfortunately, errors scroll by to fast to read. I'm using the Arduino 018 IDE upgraded with the current Sanguino software. I can upload other sketches, so there must be something related to my current code that is triggering the errors. My code is too large to include in a posting.

Are there any known issues with the Arduino IDE setup I am using?


My code can be found at


If you tried compiling (verifying) without uploading, the errors eventually quit.

Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.StackOverflowError at com.oroinc.text.regex.Perl5Matcher._match(

While this might not mean much to you, what is happening is that the regular expression parser had a problem. The regular expression parser is looking for things like matching double quotes.

You have this code:

    switch (maincmd) {
      case 'D':
        Serial.print(\nSensor Data Dump\n[glow]"[/glow]);

Sort of customary to have double quotes come in pairs.

          Serial.print(": ";

Same with open and close parens.

Thanks! I think I just needed another pair of eyes on this. I feel like such a newbie, making mistakes like that.