strange l293d motor driver problem

I am doing my first LINE fOLLOWER project.I need some technical assistance.

I bought an arduino UNO(original) and have to control two I also bought a L293d IC.The real problem starts now. When I give the inputs as input 1-5v input 2-0v then my outputs are output 1-0.53v(as measured by my voltmeter) output 2-0.53v

And again applied following inputs input 1-0v input 2-0v outputs are output 1-0.53v output 2-0.53v

But when i apply input 1-5v input 2-5v outputs are output 1-0v output 2-0v

I am in middle of the project and this needed to be cleared quickly.

Thank you in advance..............

Hi and welcome.

Read the datasheet (click) of this chip.
It will tell you how to use it, which pins do what.

Do you have a diagram of your setup?

I found these useful when I was using the L293d:

I did manage to blow a few chips so BE CAREFUL what you are plugging into what.


Hi, when you post you sketch can you first read.,148850.0.html

It will tell you how to format your sketch so it is posted correctly, also a picture of your project would help.

Can you please post a copy of your circuit, in CAD or a picture of a hand drawn circuit in jpg, png or pdf?

Tom........ :)

Without setting the relevant enable pins to HIGH nothing happens.