strange pin 13 behaviour when flashing via avrdude


i wrote a prog, where i have to youse all of the digital pins as output to multiplex many inputs. i used avrdude to flash the .hex file directly via isp to the atmega8 without bootloader, beceause of memory space reasons. but then pin 13 behaves differently (perhaps more than only this one), im not shure what. is the behaviour of the pins declared already in bootloader? so it makes a difference using the atmega8 without bootloader.

cheers woo

pin 13 has a 1K resistor connected in series to it and the others not.

check the circuit :

not sure if this could be giving you problems though...

Also, the bootloader sets pin 13 as an output (so it can blink it), whereas otherwise pins are inputs by default. So you may have to set pin 13 as an output when circumventing the bootloader, even if you didn't when you used the bootloader.