Strange problem with DIY arduino

I have two arduinos, one Uno and one made by myself using Atmega8 and scheme.

I turn Uno to ISP programmer using proper sketch and disabling auto reset using a cap between reset and gnd pins. And problems begins... I burn bootloader on second board without problems, next I used blink to see some effects :) After that I use sketch that give HIGH to all digital ports (to test solders and connections)... but all circuit is dead. I burn bootloader once more, use Blink and it works... till next upload.. It seems that cotroller wipe bootloader from memory. Some advices ?


I use settings from arduino 0022 software. I did not change anything in bootloader settings

The Breadboard Arduino doesn't have an auto-reset circuit. Are you holding the Reset button until you see the "Binary sketch size:" message?

I only use slave reset from ISP-arduino (lead from 10-th pin to first leg of IC )

Burn bootloader dump :

First blink-scheme uploaded without problems… second (on 12-th pin) faill hard…

Data from uploadnig blink sketch without reset button tricks


Still same.... Bootloader is burned properly , first upload ok, second fail. Maybe I try avoid bootloader using hex files ?

Or simply I can't use this arduino as ISP.... "Currently, you cannot use an Arduino Uno as an ISP programmer because the optiboot bootloader does not support this sketch. A revision for this is in progress"