Strange Problem with TFT TOUCH SCREEN TFT 320 QVT

HI everyone, I state that are days I try everywhere but could not find solution to this strange phenomenon!

I have:

Arduino DUE

Shield TFT 320 QVT 9341 (TFT controller: ILI9341 - touch xpt2046 1528 controller)

Adapter for mounting said shield of Arduino two, named:

I’m using the library: UTFT and uTouch, downloadable at:

UTFT library

The display, works perfectly, I can see different examples ecc…but don’t touch!
Or rather only it works once! Let me explain:
I loaded the calibration sketch of the screen, if I turn off the device, then connect soon after, the first touch works, then do not work anymore!
Then if i reconnect him,it’s works,but only for ONE touch!
I attack the sketch that i have used.

UTouch_Calibration.ino (10.5 KB)

You have the version with SSD1289 controller.
It looks as if you are using a CTE-style Adapter manufactured by Sainsmart.

  1. Examine the quality of soldering. Are there gobs of stray solder? Are there bad joints?

  2. Report the state of every solder-bridge and jumper. Post it here.

The pin-out on these adapters should match the UTFT and UTouch examples. I do not have your display.

Sainsmart "quality control" is not impressive. They often supply adapters with wrong or conflicting "settings". Set the jumpers/bridges correctly according to ColdTears instructions.


Hi i have buyed this tft touch shield
tft touch

On shield it's print "TFT 320 QVT 9341",not SSD1289.

Then,my tft shield adapter is this:

tft adapter


What David means is that you should check JP1, JP2, JP3, JP4, JP5…

My Sainshit shield came with all of those jumpers bridged!!

You should only see solder blobs on JP2 and JP4.



Hi I have checked the connections on TFT 320QVT and the CTE TFT and everything is ok. The Jumper that are open are: JP2 JP4 JP5 JP6 JP7 JP8.
Instead JP1 and Jp3 are closed! Is it wrong?
I used ARDUINO DUE. So I posted some images of saintsmart board.


YES..... I think I already mentioned you should have JP2 and JP4.......... Which is NOT JP1 and JP3??

I hope you are lucky, and the 5V didn't damage your display!

The joys (woes) of buying from Sainsmart I am afraid!



Fortunally TFT SHIELD works,but touch screen don't work!! I have read some information on jumper configuration on this site.

"Shipping default jumper configuration:
The TFT/SD Shield for arduino DUE is shipped with the following jumper config, if you use TFT modules in our store, you do not need to reconfig the jumpers.
LCD Vcc - 3.3V (JP2 shorted)
LCD backlight (LEDA+) - 3.3V (JP4 shorted)
arduino Pin32 to TP_DIN (JP10 opened)
On board SD - disabled (JP8 opened)"

Is it right?

Yes, but that is the official CTE seller!!! You bought from Sainshit.......

If by 'touch doesn't work', you mean you have used 6,5,4,3,2 as your touch init.... Then try 6,5,32,3,2.



Thanks MAN!! The touch screen now works!The pin's configuration was wrong!
I have used 6,5,32,3,2 as your touch init!
But now the image it's out of screen!

I try with UTFT myGLCD(ITDB32WC,25,26,27,28);

You said in a previous post that you have an ILI9341.
You need to use TTLCDCyg's modified UTFT.


When i can download it?

Just copy-paste TFT 320 QVT 9341 into the Search box on the top right of your Forum Screen.

many thanks :slight_smile:

UTFT Working 06-06-2016. These things are never around for long....