Strange programming problem with FT232

Hi everyone

Today i wanna try to use my arduino nano with external ft232 chip. So i've connected TXf - RXa,
RXf- RXa and Reset(wich my ft232 calls RI) to arduino Reset.

And here is the problem:
When i upload bootloader with USBAsp, and then use FT232 to send program, everything works , but only once. In next try, ft232 tries to initialize, but it wont work. I must to flash bootloader again and now everything works. I dont have idea what's wrong.... :frowning:

Sory for my english :slight_smile: I hope you can help me
Thanks !

You have reset wired incorrectly.

The DTR or RTS line needs to be connected to one side of a 0.1uf capacitor, and the other side to the Arduino reset. However, this may not work if there are other capacitors connected to the reset line - including the one already soldered onto the Nano board to use the built-in serial adapter on the Nano.

The Arduino Pro Mini does not have an on-board serial adapter, and is meant for use with external serial adapters - it has the capacitor on the board, so you just connect DTR (or RTS) to the appropriate pin. This is recommended if you want to use an external serial adapter.

That's clever :slight_smile: thanks for advice !