Strange Serial Port behaviour

I've been having some very strange behaviour from my Serial.prints recently with one particular (rather large and complex) program ive been writing. It seems to vary how much of a message it sends on how long a message i put later in the program is sending, completely unconnectedly. The later bit doesnt even display appart from as boxes (some low characters (0x01 - 0x08) on furthur looking into it) but it does some of it...So confusing and ill email the code to check if someoen wants to try it but i cant really post it... I just dont see how it can change anything but it clearly is. Im not doing anything non standard (atm) with the program. Just ifs and functions etc...any suggestions would be appriciated.

Sounds like you're running short of RAM. Try putting your print messages in flash.

They are just little debug messages (in "s) idea how to put them in flash, i thought they were already...

Have a look at PROGMEM.

I dont understand how this would help if my messages are programmed inline...surely they are compiled out?...

Ah fixed...Thanks :) Now to reduce some would I make the Serial buffer smaller? (I have another one in my user code so its a little irritating)

how would I make the Serial buffer smaller

Just recompile the library. It’s 128 bytes at the moment.