Stranger Things/Ouija LED Project Proposal

Hi there,


I wanted to run an idea I’ve had by everyone to see whether or not it’s a feasible Arduino project. I originally was going the Stranger Things route, where I could have LED bulbs strung up on my wall that light up corresponding to some sort of message I type on my phone. Since then, the idea’s evolved somewhat into an overall Ouija board idea, where all sorts of characters are used and can be lit up via an android serial monitor app and Bluetooth transceiver.

So, the basis of the idea is that I mount 40 low power bulbs in four rows to a wooden pallet, which are all separately addressable. Originally I wanted to just daisy chain a few shift registers together to make them all addressable, but I’m not sure if that would be the best route. Also- power will be a problem… I’m note sure if I’ll have to put some sort of relay system together or what.

I have an Arduino Uno, a Mega2560, an AT-09 BLE Bluetooth transceiver, a generic Arduino-clone kit with miscellaneous bits and pieces, and lots of 120v bulbs from torn-apart x-mas lights.

Suggestions and comments are very welcome! I’ve attached a small diagram of what I picture in my head as well as the kind of bulbs that I have. I’m very new to the Arduino scene, but I’ll try my best to keep up!

Thank’s for reading!

You might consider using addressable LED lights (WS2812 or SK6812). That would make the wiring very simple, since you only need a single data line to control as many LEDs as you like. I'm not sure how the output compares to the incandescent bulbs you have now. I do remember seeing a project on Hackaday where someone used the WS2811 IC to make addressable incandescent bulbs.

That's a great idea, thanks! It keeps my power usage down to 5v and they look really nice.

You're welcome. I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance. Enjoy!