Strategizing an Arduino to Web Code & Learning

Hi guys,

I've learned about lots of stuff since getting my first arduino just a couple of months ago. Now that I have a working project, I would like to upgrade by allowing some interaction happen from and to internet. I do know some HTML but nothing about PHP so if you could bear with me and point me to the right direction, I'll try my best to learn everything I can to make the rest of the project work out.


  • They interact with Smart Cards that hold info such as Balance & user info (including email add)
  • If user has enough Balance, he/she can activate a Motor Shield and deduct Credit Balance
  • Interaction is then logged in the Smart Card and on a microSD

While this all works great. I'm now updating some string variables to accurately log the actions on the sketch and reloading it (the sketch) to the Arduino every 8 hours or so. I would love to do the following but don't know where to start:

  • Be able to update sketch's variables from a webpage and/or read them from a MySQL online.
  • Connect to COSM/Pachube to log user interaction.
  • Send an automate email with the recent activity on the account.

I'm not trying to get the code from you... Just looking for Advice and perhaps some resources such as Tutorials, Similar Projects, or other that will help me get there. All comments are welcomed!

PS: I'm already retrieving a time-stamp using the "Udp NTP Client" via an official Arduino Ethernet Shield R3, but tell you the truth I'm not really sure how this works (although it works fine jajaja).